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Taking Sound is a music blog where you can find new artists under ​our spotlight, live show & music reviews, artist interviews and our ​own personal concert experiences! Taking Sound will be a place for ​those who love music to come together and explore with us!


Victoria and Leandra Alexander are sisters with a passion for music ​and attending live shows. They listen to mutiple genres and love ​sharing their music interests with as many people as they can. After ​attending multiple tours and meeting fans with the same interests as ​them, we decided to create a one-stop shop for all things music.


Photographer/ Writer : Anjelica James


Ben Barnes - Bowery Ballroom

By: Victoria Alexander

The first Ben Barnes sold out show in New York City was extremely anticipated by many to ​say the least. Doors opened at 7pm, and the line wrapped around the corner and down the ​street longer than you can imagine. Everyone was hoping to glimpse this extraordinary singer ​perform for the first time at Bowery Ballroom!

The opener, Zoe Sparks, came on at 8pm, and had a personality that made everyone in the ​room fall in love with her. Her much was relatable yet fun and easy to sing along to. Zoe ​definitely had a new group of fans by the end of the night which any opener could hope for. ​When the clock struck 9, fans started pushing their way closer to the front.

The band hits the stage, and Ben Barnes arrives last with a charm that lights up a room. Ben ​Barnes truly seems grateful for every person who came to see him. Ben starts the night off ​with a strong start, with a song off his EP “Songs for You” and chooses “Pirate”. This song has ​a strong pop-disco sound to it with drums, bass, and keyboards. It had everyone in the room ​dancing and singing.

Ben mixed it up alot with covers– one in particular that stood out was with his back up ​singer, Hunter Elizabeth. Hunter Elizabeth is a solo artist herself, who joined the band on this ​tour. They sang the Marvin Gaye classic together “Ain’t no mountain High Enough ''. He really ​included his band, and showcased their talent solo-wised which is uncommon to see lead ​artists do on stage. Ben Barnes played his big hits among fans, including “Rise up” and ​“11:11”. Ben Barnes’ music has this old soul pop sound to it–-very uplifting and very heartfelt. ​Barnes leaves his soul and heart on the stage with every word and lyric. It was a remarkable ​experience to see him and his band play at Bowery Ballroom!

Feb 10 2023

vaultboy - mercury lounge

By: Leandra Alexander

Since his first ever US tour in July 2022 with New Hope Club, vaultboy has opened for Nightly ​then moved into doing his own headlining US tour.

Doors at Mercury Lounge opened at 6PM, excitement running through the line as vaultboy came ​down the line meeting fans. Having met him during NHC’s tour, I was greeted with a hug and got ​to chat for a bit after taking a photo: he is genuinely one of the sweetest guys I know!

His opener, David Alexander, took the stage at 6:30PM. David had no hesitation bringing the ​energy on stage and keeping the audience engaged with some conversation and a few jokes. ​Throughout his set, our beloved New Yorker told us he’s moving to Los Angeles…. BOOO! ​Besides that, much of his setlist consisted of unreleased songs (all bangers in my opinion), with ​a few already released: “Sore Loser”, Dancing Alone” and “Her”. After smashing it with his band ​and “first ever guitar solo,” David’s set ended.

vaultboy came on at 7:30PM and the crowd was ecstatic. He had a large LED light set up on the ​back wall of the stage with a large ‘V’. It changed colors until he joined his band on stage for the ​show. He opened up with “why you gotta be like that” and the crowd had no hesitation ​screaming the words back! As the show progressed, we were put through the emotional wringer ​with a lot of ups and downs. The setlist ranged of both upbeat songs that make you want to ​dance to slow, sad music that makes you want to crawl up in a ball and sob – he kept the crowd ​on their toes but it was definitely an enjoyable experience!

Highly recommend attending a vaultboy show if you get the chance, he will never disappoint. Be ​sure to check out David Alexander and vaultboy on Spotify/Apple music.

Feb 21 2023


Feb 22 2023

By: Victoria Alexander

If there was one band in town worth waiting to see late night on a Wednesday, it was The Backfires. The Backfires headlining show was at Baby’s ​All Right located in Brooklyn and doors opened at 9:30PM. Once inside, you saw loads of people grabbing drinks and the others running to grab ​the closest spot to the front row for an up-close glimpse of the band; always a telling sign of fan dedication. The opener, SecondHand Sound ​hailing from Nashville, Tennessee really took me by surprise with their slow burning heady hooks, garage rock type sound. SecondHand Sound ​brought a little of Nashville with them by encouraging the crowd to start a mosh pit. The lead singer jumped in with the crowd including Matt of ​The Backfires! Overall great performance.

The room was packed with everyone arm to arm. Baby’s All Right felt frenzy when the band walked out at 11PM. The Backfires start off with a ​brand new song: the song starts with a slow gradual build to galvanizing guitar riffs, heavy instrumentals on the bass and drums. It was a great ​start to the night. The band played a few songs off their EP, Consider The Backfires, like “Preoccupied”, “Song 55”, and “Blindsided.” Their brand ​new songs (that everyone around me in the crowd seemed to love and could sing back every lyric) was their newly released songs “Joyride” and ​“Reflections on my TV.” By the end, the entire room was screaming for more: “One more song! One more song!”

The band brings you back to the late 2010’s when everyone was listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Arctic Monkeys just released ​their album AM. The difference is what The Backfires bring to the table. With members from both sides of the Atlantic (US and UK), they bring ​their experiences and that touch of New York City Underground Alternative Rock and British rock together to make this raw and passionate ​sound through every chord. Frontman/guitarist Alex Gomez and lead guitarist Harry Ruprecht they brought so much energy on the stage. Matt ​Walter shreds it on bass with his cool exterior on bass and Max Wanduragala shines through on every song on the drums. The Backfires ​brought the joyride to Baby’s All Right and didn’t skip a beat.

will linley -rockwood music hall

Feb 23 2023

By: Leandra Alexander

For his first ever international performance, Will Linley took the stage at ​Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 in the Lower East Side. With a sold out show in a ​packed venue, the crowd filled with excitement when Linley took the stage!

He taught us a South African greeting to remind him a little bit of home before ​he began. With a 45 minute set, he tells the crowd he doesn’t have enough ​songs out so in turn, he performed some new unreleased songs. In between ​each song, he gave the crowd a story time: each song, he gave the crowd a ​story time: most of them pertaining to the producers who helped him start his ​career in a more serious manner. As he spoke about them and his career, it’s ​clear that doing an intimate show in NYC means so much to him and he’s ​forever grateful for the opportunities he received.

Will Linley’s set, despite being an acoustic show, was 110% full of energy.

He had no hesitation interacting with his crowd whether it be by incorporating ​a fan’s name into a new unreleased song or by telling us how he thought New ​Jersey was a borough! Will has a bubbly personality and it shows so clearly ​even in his performance with his silly dance moves. If there is one artist to ​check out, I strongly recommend Will Linley! Congratulations to Will for his ever ​international show, glad I got to be a part of it!

Sabrina Carpenter - TERMINAL 5

mAY 10 2023

By: Leandra Alexander

Upgrading from Webster Hall on the second North American leg of the emails i can’t send tour & celebrating her birthday week with two sold out nights at Terminal 5 is none other than Sabrina Carpenter!

On this leg of tour, her opener is Blu DeTiger; a woman who knows how to rock the guitar and put on an amazing performance.

After the opener starts the pre-show playlist that ends with a Taylor Swift fan favorite, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)”, a continuing trend from the first leg. Once this song plays, the crowd knows Sabrina will be on soon.

Carpenter starts the show off with her title track, “emails i can’t send.” With the release of emails i can’t send fwd:, the crowd was excited to hear these newly released songs that weren’t performed last tour. The crowd knew every lyric and ad lib. Carpenter does a small segment in the show called “Unsabscribe” where she chooses a fan to tell a story about one of their relationships which results in a choice of three songs; for night one, Sabrina performed “Tongue-Tied” by Grouplove.

Sabrina has a way of connecting with her fans throughout the show that makes everyone feel important. She takes time between songs to interact with the crowd, switches between stage sides, and uses her spiral staircase for some songs to get a better view of her audience.

She performed a few songs off her album, Singular Act I, such as “Paris” and “Sue Me”, single “Honeymoon Fades”, and hit songs from emails i can’t send “Nonsense” and “because i liked a boy”.

Time and time again, Sabrina proves she is a rising star with her visuals, stage performance and consistent energy throughout the stage. When you pay for a Sabrina Carpenter show, you’re paying for a night of memories that you’ll never forget.

PHONEBOY -Bowery Ballroom

mAY 11 2023

BY: Victoria Alexander

A band from across the river, Phoneboy, completely sold out Bowery Ballroom on their final night of the Moving Out Tour. The show started at 8pm and the opener was brother and sister duo, Silver Cup. They had unique alt pop sound with a track that seem to get the crowd moving was “Annabel Lee”. After their set, the crowd immediately pushed up to get a close spot for Phoneboy’s set.

Phoneboy is New Jersey’s upcoming Indie Pop Band. Last night’s crowd was full of support ranging from all of their parents, co-workers, fraternity brothers and insanely supportive fans. The crowd was fired up with energy the entire night with mosh pits, crowd surfing and dancing. Phoneboy played songs off their new album like “Runaway” and “Moving Out” and hit songs like “Ferrari” and “1987”.

This crowd screamed every lyric, the band seemed to enjoy every moment of this headlining show at Bowery Ballroom. The band mentioned this was their biggest show yet. The crowd asked for an encore, which Phoneboy had no problem providing. They came back to perform a fan favorite, “Acid Girl”. Everyone left sweaty after having the time of their lives at the final show of tour. I can tell the fans can’t wait for another Phoneboy gig.

David ALEXANDER-gibson showroom

jUNE 1 2023

BY: Leandra Alexander

On June 1st, David Alexander took the stage at the Gibson Showroom in Los Angeles for night two of EVERYTHING’S A LITTLE BLURRY. Immediately, he began performing “Old Jewelry” (unreleased) and made sure to bring the energy.

The singer/songwriter explained to the audience that these songs would take us on a little journey of his love life. Almost his entire set consisted of unreleased songs, but kept the crowd entertained and engaged the entire time. The released songs, “Her” and “Dancing Alone”, caused the crowd’s volume to increase so loud that my Apple Watch sent me a notification to be careful of the noise! During the set, we also got a special guest performance from Lindsey Lomis during “Wish It Was You” (unreleased).

One of the most exciting parts about this show, despite the awesome light show that took them days to perfect, was that it was release night. David Alexander’s final song of the night was “ Worst Case” which has dropped during his set. After teasing it on TikTok for a while, the crowd already knew the chorus , but it felt even more special to hear him perform it live for the very first time as a released single. The energy he had while performing it with a live band along with the crowd reaction was unmatched.

David Alexander is one artist to seriously keep an eye on. You can check him out on TikTok @davidalexandersongs) as well as Apple Music and Spotify!

evening elephants- pianos

jUNE 23rd 2023

BY: Leandra and Victoria Alexander

Los Angeles-based indie duo – Sam Boggs (lead vocals) and Brandon Leslie (drums/producer) – Evening Elephants may just be the chillest band you’ll ever meet and they can definitely show you a good time. Friday night, the two took the stage for their first NYC headlining performance at Piano’s Breaking Sound. Alongside them were Jayme Lewis (guitar) and Chris Leslie (bass). The electric duo immediately brought massive amounts of energy to the crowd. The show didn’t feel just like a normal concert, but it felt like a house party. Everyone in the room was there to have fun, and Evening Elephants made sure we did.

It was an 11-song set, the majority of which were all unreleased. The song styles ranged within a mix of funk, pop, and a little bit of alt-rock. Released or unreleased, the crowd was loving the energy ranging from Sam’s reverbed microphone, Brandon’s sick drumming, Jamye’s guitar skills, and Chris’ killer bass performance. The four of them together brought each song to life and had the crowd cheering like no tomorrow. The set started with their single, “Life is Swell” which brings a positive upbeat energy to the environment with its catchy chorus. This song allows the crowd to relate to the lyrics whether they’re feeling down or going through rough times that you just have to carry on. Some song titles that caught our eyes were “Chewing Your Cheeks” and “Dominatrix” – at the end of “Dominatrix”, Sam tried to play a game to ask the crowd what we thought the meaning was, but they were running short on time! The band played their new song, “Snow on the Bluff” which uses a beautiful, sonic light instrumentation and brings in pop elements. During the performance, not only was Brandon playing the drums, but also doing backup vocals now again.

The last song of the night was about failed relationships called “Smiles Gone.” Brandon, Sam, Jayme, and Chris brought so much vitality to the venue that the crowd was chanting for an encore! Sam responded, “We weren’t prepared for one!” As much as the band showed their fun, energetic side in their performance, you can see how sharp they are musicians.

Evening Elephants are the next band you’ll want to see the next chance you get, you’re not going to want to miss this up-and-coming band!

If you’d like to learn more about them, check out our interview with Brandon & Sam!

You can find Evening Elephants by clicking here or on Spotify/Apple Music!


AUGUST 23rd 2023

BY: Leandra and Victoria Alexander

New York City- based alt/pop duo - Nathaniel Hoko (vocals) and Jesse Kotansky (guitar) spent the last few weeks on tour with WEATHERS and almost monday. We got the opportunity to see them in action on August 23rd at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom!

The duo had a live band playing with them and came in guns blazing from the very beginning of their set. They filled the room with excitement and had such amazing energy. Lead vocalist, Nathaniel Hoko was extremely interactive with the crowd, more than some artists we’ve seen before. He was constantly sitting on the stage singing to specific people in the crowd – he even took a fan’s phone and recorded a video on stage from his point of view for the fan. Eventually, he jumped into the crowd with us a few times. Whether you were in the front row or very back of the venue, the opportunity to see him was open to all. HOKO made it so there was not a bad view in the house whether you were a fan before or left wanting more from them.

Their set consisted of 9 songs with a crowd favorite, “Hellogoodbye” and “Candy Eyes” where Jesse Kotansky began to play the violin, wowing the audience. When their set came to an end, the crowd cheered and even asked for more while they were packing up their equipment. HOKO was one of the best openers we have seen on a tour and the decision to bring them was definitely a smart one. They brought the energy to New York City and we can’t wait to see what they have in store the next time we see them

Find more about Hoko here: website | instagram

bad nervES

October 3rd, 2023

By: Victoria Alexander

One of New York City’s most popular venues, Webster Hall, they had the pleasure of ​hosting Royal Blood’s headlining tour with Bad Nerves on October 3rd. I’ve been ​anticipating this tour, not only to hear “Back to the Water Below” by Royal Blood, but ​to finally see their supporting band, Bad Nerves.

Bad Nerves left a mark on Webster Hall that Tuesday night and reminded NYC ​that punk rock is coming back in a new wave. Bad Nerves is a five-piece power-pop ​punk band from London consisting of Bobby Nerves (lead vocals), William Phillipson ​(guitarist), George Berry (guitarist), Samuel Thompson (drummer) and Jonathan ​Poulton (bassist). You can tell by their fashion aesthetics and attitude that their ​inspiration comes from the 70s punk era. Bad Nerves hasn’t been complacent in the ​current rock scene, bringing a nice change to their genre. They say they’re the bastard ​child of a Ramones/The Strokes one-night stand.

The songs they performed were all raw, punchy, and fun. Their 30 minute set ​caught the crowd’s attention with fast-paced songs such as “Baby Drummer” and ​“Radio Punk”. The crowd was jumping and screaming back the words after only just ​hearing their brand-new single, “USA”. They kept the crowd engaged and empowered. ​During the set, there was a costume change (courtesy of Royal Blood) with animal ​masks and colorful boas.

After the show, I had the chance to meet Bad Nerves at their merch table where I saw ​a crowd disperse to grab some t-shirts – a great sign of a crowd discovering a new ​favorite band! If there’s one band to put on your playlist and catch live, it’s Bad Nerves. ​New York City, you may have just witnessed with your very own eyes, one of the next ​greats of Rock ‘N Roll.

Find more about Bad Nerves here: Website | Instagram

Listen to Bad Nerves latest single: “USA”

Aidan Bissett

October 26th, 2023

By: Leandra and Victoria Alexander

On October 26th, Aidan Bissett headlined New York City’s up-and-coming venue, Racket. Aidan Bissett headed ​on tour to promote his new EP “Supernova” which was released on October 6th.

The opening act, Anna Shoemaker, was very exciting to see as she’s known around the New York music scene. ​She sang songs off her EP “Anna” with a good mix of beautiful, slow indie songs with heavy guitar riffs and a ​great stage presence. If you’re looking for a new female artist to listen to, we definitely recommend Anna ​Shoemaker!

At 9pm, Aidan Bissett hit the stage, starting with hits from his EP “I’m Alright If You’re Okay.” With just a ​drummer, a bassist and him playing guitar here and there, there was such a captivating presence on stage with ​his movement and interaction with the crowd. He connects on a personal level by speaking to them and making ​them feel welcome no matter how many songs they know. During “A Song For Her,” he had the crowd scream ​with him instead of only him like in the studio version.

By the end of the night, he sang songs off the new EP such as “People Pleaser” and had the room jumping and ​even some fans at the front screaming every single word. The lyrics are emotional, with lights changing between ​purple and green to emulate the mood of the room. He took the time to explain to the crowd that “Supernova” ​was written in the beginning of 2023 and how the final track, “How It’s Gonna End” talks about the anxiety of the ​future and the unknown. He explains how this album helped him cope and learn to put himself out there again. ​One thing for sure is this show proved Aidan Bissett has a bright future ahead of him and we can’t wait to see ​him in New York again soon!

Check below to listen to the “Supernova” EP!


December 9th, 2023

Written By: Victoria and Leandra Alexander

Photos by: America Cortes

On December 9th, New York City welcomed home Quarters of Change for their headline show at Webster Hall. ​The band consists of Ben Roter (lead vocals), Ben Acker (guitarist/bassist), Jasper Harris (guitarist/bassist), and ​Attila Anrather (drums). QOC just returned from a successful opening slot for the Jonas Brothers as well as their ​Asbury Park headlining show. Their opening acts consisted of fellow NYC-based bands, The Backfires and Laundry ​Day.

We’ve covered their first opener, The Backfires, in the past and we knew that they’d catch the attention of some new ​fans in the crowd. Their next opener, Laundry Day, had a large amount of fans in the crowd – some who came to the ​show just for them. If you're looking for New York City-based bands to check out, these two are definitely on our list!

At 9:15pm, Quarters of Change hit the stage and were clearly ready to put on a show. The band had an energetic ​stage presence and the crowd had no hesitation to start screaming and chanting for the guys. The setlist was about ​14 songs and they played hits from their 2022 album, Into the Rift, and new songs off their upcoming album officially ​set to release next year, such as “Heaven Bound, “Do or Die”, “Hollywood Baby”, and “What I Wanted”. The ​transitioning of the setlist was perfect, and the dynamic between the guitarists was amazing to see, as most of the ​songs are guitar rift-heavy, they play across the stage with such ease. The crowd was filled with people of all ages ​across the room, seeing groups of guys dancing and singing with their friends was something I hadn’t seen at a ​concert in a long time. They ended the night with their two most beloved songs “Kiwi” and “T Love”. The allure of this ​band is understandable once you see them live.

One thing for sure is this show proved Quarters of Change isn’t slowing down anytime soon and we can’t wait to see ​another one of their shows!

Check here to listen to the “Heaven Bound”!


Feburary 8th, 2024

Written By: Leandra Alexander

Baby’s All Right, Knox Morris had his first sold out headlining show on Tuesday February 6th. It was a late start with doors opening at 9:30PM. As soon as I ​walked in, I was offered a free t-shirt with the I <3 NYC design but instead it said, “ I <3 KNOX” — how cute!

The first opener was Spencer Jordan at 10pm, who was amazing and had so much energy performing on stage. At 10:30pm, Maryjo Young took the stage ​and absolutely killed it! She had no hesitation engaging with the crowd, singing right in their faces and helping the crowd have an amazing night. She ​performed her newest song, “Drunk Tattoo” and a cover that boosted the crowd engagement — “Into You” by Paramore. Her performance was so high-​energy and her vocals were absolutely insane when combined with her band.

Christian & Townsend, Knox’s band, showed up when Knox came on stage. Energy in the room was still high despite how late it was, which Knox apologized ​before but still said thank you to everyone spending their Tuesday night with him! He started with hits off his new EP, like “Love Letter” and his viral TikTok ​hit, “Sneakers”. Fans in the crowd were shouting to play songs like, “Girl on the Internet” to which Knox responded: “Do you really think I’d leave that out? I’m ​playing all the songs I have!”

Towards the end of the set, he took time to perform acoustically for a new unreleased song — that should be coming out sometime this month — “Invisible”. ​He said it was a love song, not like his sad boy songs he tends to write. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! Shortly after, he was so excited to play one song ​because of its name and what it meant to him — NYC!

Before performing, he called out all the boyfriends in the room rolling their eyes and the middle section who weren’t jumping around the way he wanted, ​but as soon as he came in the crowd to sing NYC, the energy skyrocketed back there! It was so much fun to see, having artists come in the crowd in small ​shows like this are the reason I love coming to smaller venues — however, I think Knox definitely could have had a bigger venue!

Can’t wait to see him in New York again!

Click here to listen to Mary Jo and Knox


April 17th, 2024

Contributor: Anjelica James

DYLAN headlined Bowery Ballroom with Callum Orson and Mercer Henderson

Dreamer Boy: Baby’s All Right

June 11th , 2024

Contributor : Anjelica James

It was a late night in Brooklyn for fans of Dreamer Boy on June 11th! He hit the Baby’s All Right stage around ten, opening up ​the show with the first song on his newest album, “Summer in America”. Dreamer Boy and The Lone Stars were not short on ​energy as they took us through a total of seventeen songs. Favorites from all three of Dreamers Boy’s albums were played ​throughout the night. One highlight of the night was the crowd favorite “Don’t Be A Fool”. Attendees shouted these lyrics as ​loud as they could. Dreamer Boy, surprising everyone, jumped from the stage to sing from the crowd at one point! Dreamer ​Boy and The Lone Stars are moody, romantic, and nostalgic. From the saxophone solos to Dreamer Boy laid out on the stage ​floor singing, it was clear how Dreamer Boy drew in such a dynamic and diverse audience. The music is good and you can feed ​off the passion of every member of the band. One audience member yelled that they came from New Zealand. I wouldn’t be ​surprised if by next tour, more fans will be traveling to see Dreamer Boy all over the United States.

artist interviews

1824 Press Conference :

the warning

On May 23rd, we had the amazing opportunity to learn more about the rising rock band, The Warning. In an 1824° press conference, we were ​given the chance to ask some questions and learn more about their touring experience, how they’ve learned to blend their lives as a family and ​as a band and what we can look forward to on this new album. They gave us some insight into what makes them one of the most unique rock ​bands today. The Warning were influenced to start playing music from their rock music loving family. They gained recognition on the internet ​when they were kids from their instrumental cover, “Enter The Sandman”. It resulted in millions of views on YouTube and an appearance on the ​Ellen Show. Their success hasn’t ended there though as they’ve managed to solidify their presence in the rock world by opening for some of the ​biggest bands in the world like Foo Fighters, The Killers, Pretty Reckless, and more bands all over the world. The Warning have previously ​released a successful EP “Mayday” and album “Error” with a brand new album that was released on June 28th. The Warning has an extremely ​loyal fanbase from all over the world especially in Latin American countries. The fanbase is quickly expanding all over The United States which ​has given them opportunities to perform at popular events such as the Video Music Awards in 2023.

What was the process like for you guys to write your new album “Keep Me Fed” while on tour versus your first album “Error”?

Paulina: “While we were writing “Error”,because it was the pandemic, it felt like we were in this echo chamber. It was always our opinions and ​this team that had listened to this music all the time.”

Daniela: ”For a long time”

Paulina: “But for this album, we were working with new people everyday, who had different experiences, different tastes, different cultures, and ​to have that opened so many possibilities of what we could do with our sound.” I feel like you hear it in every song, that different influence every ​person had, we turned that into ourselves. It still sounds like the warning but sounds like something new and I feel like that’s what music is ​about. It’s about evolving and learning new things and to have done it in such a hectic time. It was between tours, we were really tired. We would ​write three songs , record those three songs, write more, then leave for the tour. I recorded drums from the whole album in a day and a half! We ​had no time to do anything, we just made it work. It really capsules what we were living in, in that time”.

Daniela: “I think you can really hear it in the music, how energetic and chaotic it is, it for sure definitely pushed us to a different experience”.

The new album, “Keep Me Fed” is about “the need we need to keep being fed whether it be entertainment, social media, everything we consume ​and how we participate in this cycle as well.” How we feed into what other people do, it's a never ending cycle we are in.” Paulina and Daniela ​talked about life on tour and how with a hectic schedule as well as being with their family on tour, they are so excited to go on tour this fall and ​play new songs off the album for the North American leg. They balance being on tour as sisters and with their parents by having great ​communication and understanding, and they treat everyone on their team as family. The hectic schedule includes meet and greets, late night ​meetings, waking up at 11am or 12pm for 2 months on repeat, but it’s something they love because they are so appreciative to do what they ​love and play for a wide range of audiences of people who connect to the music. Off the new album, there were songs already released such as ​“Burnout”, “Automatic” and “Hell You Can Dream”. Daniela mentioned even out of all those three songs that they were not even the heaviest off ​the album.

What was the most memorable song you guys have recorded from the last two albums?

Daniela : “I would say Automatic but wait also I remember when we were writing MORE! We were so stuck on the lyrics we really wanted to ​make something impactful were completely dry on ideas, and we all went to the parking lot of the studio and sang shakira songs together”

Paulina: “Omg Yes!”

Daniela: “ We sang in the parking lot and went back in and boom the song came!”

Paulina: “Thank you Shakira”

It was a pleasure hearing from The Warning and getting to be part of this press conference. “Keep Me Fed” has officially been released and I'm ​so excited to hear the full album! If you want to learn more about The Warning click on the links below!


1824 Press Conference :


On April 11th, we had an amazing opportunity to learn more about the solidified indie rock band, Giant Rooks. In an 1824° press ​conference, we were given the chance to ask some questions and learn more about their experience touring, the captivating stories ​behind their songs on the albums, and reflecting on all of the advice and lessons they have learned overtime as a band.

Giant Rooks began their journey as a band 10 years ago in Germany. Since then, they have created two successful albums and toured ​the world. They've managed to solidify their presence in the Indie rock world and continue to surprise fans with every chance they get. ​Especially with their long awaited second album, “How Have You Been?” fans have waited four years for the 14 track album that came ​out back in February. they explored new directions with this album, being inspired by new music they were interested in. You could ​hear it when listening to the track “Fight Club". We asked about another song off the album: “Bedroom Exile”.

What is the meaning behind Bedroom Exile and its music video?

Finn Schwieters:I like the title and the idea behind it. Looking back now, it seems like a pandemic song but it actually wasn't meant like it. ​There are many ways to go down to your room in exile without a pandemic so I think it was genuinely a way to describe depression — ​something I was struggling with for quite some time. I guess it was some way to describe that feeling of retreating from the outside world and ​just being alone with yourself.

Taking Sound Music: I thought the music video was very artistic and enjoyed how there was dancing in the music video. It really stood out to ​me

Finn Schwieters: It was so fun to do that music video.

Fred Rabe: Since the lyrics are so meaningful and the music video isn’t really…. it’s just chaos, we actually lost half of our footage.

Finn Schwieters: We shot the music video day and night, that’s never happened to us shooting a music video, then we all went to bed at 5am. ​Later in the morning, the videographer called and said we didn’t properly record it, we lost 50% of the material but it still turned out great. I ​think we still lost the best parts which is a shame.

When it comes to their songwriting experience, they feel they’ve learned the skills needed over a period of time. They went from being a ​band not knowing how to write a song, to writing a single song in two years time, to being able to properly write a song in a studio ​rehearsal space. They had a lot of pressure: the change around their lives when touring around the world and being on stage, their ​writing, what they see in daily life. Watching people in their routines is inspiring to see especially when you're from the other side of the ​world. They tried not to be influenced by what they see on social media when it comes to influencing their music. They found it difficult ​to feel like they weren’t a part of a Beatles documentary or some sort of phenomenon when they opened for Louis Tomlinson. They ​took that touring opportunity to learn from him and how he treats his audience, shares his stage, and how to treat people and a crew.

Giant Rooks love creating new versions of songs they already have, they have the “Rookery Live Tapes''. It allows new live ​versions of the songs to be played live from the recording studio. One of the songs that resonates with both Finn and Fred is QuickSand.​

Before going on stage they love to do vocal warm ups, and stroll and visit new cities on the time they get to spend. While speaking on ​the fact of touring, being on stage and visiting cities, we would share our last question with Giant Rooks.

Has there been a particular crowd moment from a show that’s really stood out to you guys?

Fred Rabe : “ When we played in London we played in this very beautiful theater. Very similar to American theaters, it's called the 02 ​Shepherds Bush Empire . Since I was a child, one of my favorite song writers , Ben Howard ( he is from the UK) , I saw he played at this beautiful ​venue and I was so in love with Ben Howard and his music , also the venue. I always wanted to play there, it was a full circle event for me and a ​dream coming true, to actually play the holy sacred venue”.

Finn Schwieters : “it’s true ! You have been talking about the 02 Sheperd’s Bush Empire ever since we started the band, like we need to play ​there, then one day so it happened. “

It was a pleasure hearing from Giant Rooks and getting to be part of this press conference to learn more about Giant Rooks click on ​the links below!


A hell of a good time with Haiden Henderson : interview

April 19,2024

Leandra had a “hell of a good time” interviewing Haiden Henderson! With a big thanks to 1824°, Leandra had the opportunity to speak with Haiden about how he got into music, ​his thoughts on live music, and touring. We got some insight on how Haiden is fitting into his style, navigating social media as an artist, and finding his true self.

Read below to see how it went!

Taking Sound Music: Could you talk a little bit how you got started with music? I read somewhere you were getting a degree in space engineering.

Haiden: Yeah, Aerospace Engineering

Taking Sound Music: That’s so cool

Haiden: I just came back from the University of Michigan, where I was doing a panel and performance, and it was a big talking point with me where I made this big jump from the straight ​and narrow to music. For me it was as simple as where I just went to where my fulfillment was coming from. I did aerospace engineering because I was an attention whore and I needed to ​be cool and I'm a first gen college student. I wanted my first college degree to be prestigious so I wanted to go to this great school, I wanted to prove myself to everyone around me for no ​reason, It’s just been this built in thing of mine.

Haiden talked a bit about how he interned at Space X, doing everything he thought he would be doing but just didn’t care about it as much. Randomly, he decided to pick up a ​guitar and that’s when he felt fulfilled.

Haiden: I felt I was doing something with my life and that fulfillment felt so instant, so pure. It was the first choice that I made for myself in my life that was just picking up the guitar. There ​was nobody there to watch me. I was living in the back of my truck, because I couldn’t afford rent. There was no audience, just for me and I was happier doing that than anything else.

He reflected a bit on his time with the University of Michigan students just a few weeks ago, and told them “If you want to be great at something in your life, you have to commit ​yourself fully to it.” He further explained how he gave himself an ultimatum — choose what you love or what other people would love.

Haiden: Luckily, people are coming full circle and people like the music and are coming to the shows so I got the best of both worlds”.

Taking Sound Music: After what you were doing for so long, do you think it’s given a different perspective on writing your music?

Haiden: Yeah for sure. I don’t really buy it when I’m making up something. I’m not the kind of song writer that just spews songs left and writes all the time. I’ve been writing songs halfway ​through the pandemic. A lot of my peers have been writing since they were little kids, singing since before they could talk and they are all so unbelievably talented. I’ve always been ​somebody who thinks a lot, much more analytical and STEM type brain for things. I love pattern analysis, sudoku, puzzles, problem solving, and in the beginning I approached songwriting ​like that. I then challenged myself to stop writing like that, to stop thinking like that with “Choke On My Heart” EP”. Just to write from pure emotion, and now with the new stuff, I just want to ​do it all at once and challenge myself to have my very emotionally vulnerable songs and have the songs that I think could fill up much larger rooms I’m playing right now. I think it has been ​a competitive edge for me and changed the way I do stuff.

Over the course of the last year, Haiden Henderson released his “The Choke on My Heart” EP and went on his first tour. Since the start of 2024, he’s released new music under ​Haiden Henderson rather than his previous artist name of Haiden. I thought it was an interesting switch up adding a last name so I asked — Why did you decide to add ​your last name?

Haiden: I went viral so early, for like the 15th song I ever wrote. I knew I was gonna have to figure it out, and I knew Haiden was more for tik tok at the time, feels a little bit more young ​and you could get to know me that way and I was so heavy with it. Henderson was always the goal, when I would talk to people Haiden Henderson was such an artist sounding name. I ​made it in my head that Haiden was someone figuring it out, and Haiden Henderson was someone who had figured it out. I added my last name as a subtle way to say I think I figured it ​out. I have the next entire batch of music , I know what I do well, and I know what I'm happy writing and performing and playing the rest of my life.

He made a Camp Rock joke after this — “this is real, this is me, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now” and I honestly find that so fitting for him. We then talked a bit about intimate ​shows and our love for live music along with how live performances can affect an artist.

Haiden: My whole philosophy is live music used to be the best quality music you would hear. Like back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, people were just getting car speakers and at home listening ​systems, and when you hear live music, it genuinely was the highest quality music you could hear because they had the massive speakers and the artist right there. Now it’s kind of the ​lowest quality sound you could hear from your car, airpods, maybe even your phone speakers could sound better. The only reason to go to a live show is not for the sound quality but for ​the interaction with the artist, then suddenly the only reason to be there is to feel like you’re there with the artist. Me and Emei love playing live more than anything and our shows are ​experiences. We make it as inclusive and fun as possible. We are in the crowd, doing bits, making jokes, I am very tight with my band. As a full band, it’s this really exhilarating experience for ​people and it makes live shows more interesting then getting up from the show and leaving.

Then we got a bit into talking about how I personally always hear the live version of songs in my head when listening to studio versions and how it completely alters the way I ​listen to music. Haiden said “There’s a certain energy you capture live that you don’t capture in the recording” which can be unfortunate in some aspects, but I believe it always ​makes an artist just that much better.

Haiden: I have always marketed my music with acoustic performances and they have always gone viral that way. Even getting the vocal performance to get that same magic has been very ​difficult. I think only recently I learned how to capture that energy so with the new music I’m more expressive and excited just like in the vocal booth I'm just having a lot more fun.

Haiden has been evolving as an artist ranging from acoustically to his newer sound that you hear in “hell of a good time”. He went from writing in his room alone, to having a ​band, collaborators and producers to help develop his new sound into how he wants. Having a guitarist has given him the ability to challenge himself a bit more and create ​something more.

Taking Sound Music: Is there an artist that inspires you or your music?

Haiden Henderson: My influences are changing on a song by song basis only because I’m only good at a very small number of things with music. It has to be guitar based, for me, that ​automatically locks you into a certain box. Even if I come in saying “I love toxic by Brittany Spears” and I want to write my version of Toxic by Britney Spears, because it’s going to be on a ​guitar, it’s going to have distortion in my vocal range. Everything I write about is going to have my own personal experience. It’s hard for me to make up other details. It’s very much gonna ​sound like me, even “hell of a good time”. I came from a rock concert the night before, I love pop music, I’m a pop girlie through and through (twins). I love Britney Spears, The Jonas ​Brothers… I love the throwback boyband world. I thought… how do I combine all that with all that rock energy, and that’s how “hell of a good time” was born. For the “Choke on My Heart” ​EP, I pulled a lot of influences from Death Cab for Cutie, Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant. I love artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, (that is sacrilegious Haiden!) Justin Bieber, ​Shawn Mendes. I really love a group of artists that can bring a group of people together because it’s so catchy. I’m obsessed with the psychology of that, it’s so cool to me.

Taking Sound Music: I was looking at your instagram the other day, and noticed you have gone back to blonde! As an artist do you feel fashion plays a role in your music?

Haiden Henderson: I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable and better at understanding how I want to dress. I was born blonde, about this blonde, and when I became a recluse and a ​guitar player and I stopped going in the sun so my hair got darker. I stayed inside, my hair is very sensitive to sunlight, so my hair was roughly this color. I played water polo in school and I ​was outside all the time. I started dyeing it back to this color to make it look like I went outside again, but now the combination of looking pale with this… I look like a member of the Cullen ​family. I think the outfits are starting to reflect the hair and the music. Before, when my hair was like this, I don't think I dressed the right way, I dressed like your average joe, which is weird ​when you have platinum blonde hair. You would think you know what you’re doing with clothes if you decide to do this to your hair for $200 a month, but now it’s all wrapped up together. ​My live performance dictates what I wear, and what I wear dictates my content, music, influences, it’s more cohesive now.

He said that this was a good question he hasn’t been asked before — we try our best! I strongly relate to my clothing not matching my hair at certain points, especially when I ​went platinum blonde (not a good look on me). I go to so many shows where the fans let their favorite artists and their music dictate how they dress, so I thought it’d be nice to ​hear it from an artist!

Taking Sound Music: Navigating social media, has it been easy navigating as an artist?

Haiden: I am a control freak, and I love having control over what I do with my music. I chose music because I wanted control over my life, I wanted the immediacy to write a song and put it ​out into the world. I have a love and hate relationship with social media. I love it because it’s given me everything that I have but I hate it because I'm a slave to it at the same time. I feel ​guilty if I don’t post, and I feel I'm not serving my career enough if I'm not consistent with it. I also feel I'm not connecting with these people that have given me so much love and attention if ​I’m not consistent with it. I do think it’s made it easier in some ways, I think it’s given artists a lot more to do in other ways. It turned them into markets and influencers, and on top of being ​artists and songwriters. I love wearing multiple hats because it keeps me busy, and I love puzzles, and figuring stuff out. Overall, it’s totally positive but stresses me out.

Taking Sound Music: I think social media hasn’t connected artists and fans as much as they’d like it to. So many people are so focused on just posting now.

Haiden: I need to not hold myself to the standards of “if it’s not gonna go viral, why am I posting it?” because it’s not very healthy, and it doesn’t make you a human on the internet. I feel ​like now when you look at my social media you will learn more about me, but in the past you look at my stuff, I was just trying to nail it, trying to go viral. I didn’t have much of a personality ​for that reason, but I have become much more comfortable with being myself on the internet. Before, if it was something I went viral for, it was just gonna be for that thing, I was thinking ​it’s all they want from me, but that’s not what being an artist is all about, I’m much more comfortable with it now.

I genuinely had so much fun doing this interview with Haiden. He immediately made me feel comfortable by first calling out my bangs & how he also has them. Small things like ​that make stuff like this easier for someone like me and make me genuinely love what we do!

1824 Press Conference :


Photo: Ashely Osborn

We were excited to start the year with our first press conference of the year with 1824 and Em Beihold. She talked about her ​songwriting process, going on tour and her accomplishments and hopes for the future.

Em Beihold is one of pop’s rising artists thanks to TikTok. Her songs have gone viral, earning billions of streams in a short time ​span. Growing up, she played classical music such as jazz and it seemed to always have an impact on the music she has made but it ​wasn’t something she always wanted to make. She describes her love of music and the genre she makes as “Quirky Pop”. She has ​already opened for King Princess and Lewis Capaladi and is getting ready to headline shows of her own. She has built a community ​of people that connects with her music and lyrics which strongly relates to mental health. She announced that for every ticket ​bought, $1 would go towards mental health organization, Active Minds. During the press conference, she mentioned that during ​this tour, she is aligning herself with HeadCount because she feels making change starts at the lower level and making it easily ​accessible for her fans is important. You can find the mental health organization at the HeadCount tables as well, she feels it can ​make the world a little bit better. She hopes on this tour that people will enjoy her new single “ Life is good” and singing- along.

Taking Sound: Since you have opened up for artists such as King Princess and Lewis Capaldi, is there anything you learned that has ​prepared your own headlining


Em Beihold: “ I think the endurance has been a big one, because I didn’t realize how much endurance is needed for performing ​onstage. Also, this sounds obvious but literally just having fun. I think that always makes a better performance than hitting every not ​perfectly. I think for a while I was more concerned with putting on the most perfect show but then it seems more robotic than ​human and fun. I think it’s better to miss a few notes and to be laughing and feel connected to the audience. Performing has never ​been something that comes super naturally to me. I’m super grateful to be touring but I never dreamed of touring, that was beyond ​my music dream. So I think all of it has been a learning curve, and one that could easily go into embarrassment if I didn't have the ​best show that I want. It’s all experience and all the tours I've done have me really stoked knowing what to expect with this ​headline”.

When talking about the songwriting process for her future songs, she said she’s still learning to nail her craft, what makes her song ​special, and how to make songs that are about herself without depleting herself. Em does not know about what her album will be ​about yet, but she knows it has stark honesty and it will be something she is proud of.

During the press conference, she talked about some of her favorite accomplishments. One was flying her family to Jimmy Fallon for ​her performance. It seemed too surreal for her because they have been with her through her whole journey. “A second close one ​would be opening for Jonas brothers in a stadium when you’re used to being on TikTok live”. We are excited to see what Em ​Beihold's future holds and so thankful for the opportunity to speak with her! We can’t wait see her on tour!

If you’d like to learn more about Em Beihold or get tickets for the tour, check out the links below!

Click here to listen to Em Beihold

1824 Press Conference :

holly humberstone

Holly Humberstone is a rising star from the UK. Humberstone released her debut album, “Paint My Bedroom Black” back in October. She ​is no stranger to touring, opening up for artists such as Girl in Red and Olivia Rodrigo. Humberstone’s album was highly anticipated ​before its release. During an 1824 press conference, we got to hear the details of the making of this complex album.

This interview focused on the writing that went into this album and life on tour. She talked about how this album had a lot to do with her ​identity and how when she was on the road, she didn’t feel familiar with herself anymore. Other than her songs, she didn’t know where ​she fit in because she was touring in new places away from home, family, and friends. Holly mentioned her struggle with her social media ​presence because it doesn’t come naturally, but she wants to be able to share things on her terms and learn what to share.

Her album gives us a small pathway into her mind, learning how she felt about this new type of lifestyle and her adjustment to it all. ​Being an independent artist means every show and tour done is without a huge budget, so every show has to be worth it. A packed ​schedule while away from home is an intense experience, but writing helped her get through it. Humberstone said she didn’t realize that ​being away from friends and family would affect her. Her first two EPs were heavily based on her location – her hometown and moving to ​London. She felt that this album was moving from hotel room to hotel room, and nothing was familiar but she was trying to make sense ​of everything.

Holly Humberstone truly connected emotionally with every question that was asked of her, and it was such an amazing opportunity to ​learn more about her. You can check out Holly Humberstone’s album, “Paint My Bedroom Black” now!

Link here


a interview collaboration with full stop

In less than a year, 22-year-old South African Will Linley has gone from performing for the first time internationally at ​New York City’s Rockwood Hall with a sold-out show to performing at Mercury Lounge on October 18th with ANOTHER ​sold-out show!

Last time we spoke about Will on the blog, he had only one EP released and played some new unreleased songs that ​have since been released – “Tough (The Girls Song)” and “Gracie” along with the latest release “Maybe”. These three ​releases are a part of his sophomore EP, “Magic”. Although he wanted to put out an album, he decided to release an EP ​but he felt he wasn’t in the proper headspace to create an album in the way it needed to be done; “I was spending too ​much time at home and it’s expensive to come out to the States, but I realized that I needed to be in the States, in the ​room, rather than just sending notes of production stuff in a text message.”

Will’s music always has a story whether it be about unlikely relationships, finding your soulmate, or even relationships ​where it feels like things may not be going where they should. These stories go beyond the lyrical aspect, but to a visual ​extent as well. For visuals, the title track of his EP has a music video that takes place in Cape Town. Being able to film in ​South Africa was an extremely important and sentimental thing for him – “I feel like there are a lot of American and ​European artists and they film all their music videos in the States and I’ve been lucky to do that, but showcasing where ​I’m from and how I’m showing that in my music and visuals is so important to me.”

It was such a wonderful opportunity to speak to Will before the show and to get to see him in his element yet again. In a ​small venue, he manages to absolutely fill the room with energy and excitement. As always, he dances around the stage ​and has an absolute blast. His performance genuinely makes someone want to live in the moment and soak in every part ​of the show. Getting to witness the difference in the crowd from February to October was such a beautiful development. ​His musical journey will be a wonderful one to be a part of and I hope that you decide to join it. Will Linley’s sophomore ​EP “Magic” is out November 10th!

A conversation with Claire rosinkranz : 1824 press ​conference

Claire Rosinkranz’s debut album, “Just Because” was released on October 6th, 2023. Just before the release, we were given to the opportunity to ​ask her questions and learn more about her during an 1824 press conference.

The album is a collection of songs she wrote at 18 years old about transitioning from teenage years into adulthood – an album full of real and ​raw emotion. When asked what she hopes the listeners feel while hearing this album, she said she hopes for a little bit of everything. “Just ​Because” is like the perfect coming-of-age movie soundtrack.

The writing process for this album was more about living in the moment and the thick of it all. In each song on the album, there are little things to ​pick up for timeline context as to her own experiences — almost like a diary entry. Rosinkranz mentioned that she writes songs about other ​people’s perspectives like her friends. “Polarized” was a song regarding a falling out with a friend and the process of it. “Banksy” is a song about ​loneliness. While speaking to us at the press conference, she was extremely vulnerable when talking about “Sad in Hawaii” – TRIGGER WARNING– ​which talks about her sexual assault and not knowing how to process what had happened. She said she felt like she was drowning, but the song ​feels light and bouncy. The songwriting process was difficult for her, but she said “Sometimes to write a song, you drop your boundaries, create ​from the most honest place possible.”